We are queens; We are kings; We've worked in factories. We've picked peas on the farm. We have been school teachers. We have been cooks. "Child, I was there when you were born!"

We have doctored the sick in times of war and stitched bullet wounds in times of peace.
We are mothers. We are fathers. "I am an aunt."
"I am a niece."

We are husbands. We are wives. We are young ladies. We are young men. We are single parents, who, in spite of the odds against us, never gave in.

We are in every church. We guarantee, behind every good doctor, there is a very good nurse.
We are strong hands that uplift. We are the strong voices of unity. We are the ties that bind family. We are the cornerstones of the
community. We are the missionaries. We are the prayer warriors. We are there in every time of need.

WE, the black nurse of the world, are more than comforters, indeed!
2nd Saturday of each month
8:00 am
Tyler Junior College West RTDC Campus

Melanie Hopkins, RN, BSN, MSN, President

Phyllis Hodges, RN, BSN, Membership